Mission Statement

For the Book store -

To be a channel to provide a variety of Christian materials and resources in books and gifts in empowering God's people.




For Mount Hermon Centre - Berastagi -

a. Break away from busyness to solitude moments with God.

b. Churches serving together in harmony for greater purpose in the great commission of God.

c. Rebuilding lives and meeting the people needs in Berastagi, especially in the schools ministry and helping the poor.



Mount Hermon Centre

Planning a Retreat, Church Camp or Mission Trip?

Retreat Centre @ Medan, Berastagi (North Sumatra)

Berastagi - Indonesia

Mount Hermon Centre is situated in a cool and serene mountainous area.

  • Perfect location for retreats, church camps and mission trips

  • Community works in schools and missions in villages can be arranged

  • About 1½ hrs from Medan Airport

  • Affordable Rates



  • Worship Chapel/Meeting Place

  • Dining Place

  • Dormitories (accommodate up to 100 people)

Jalan Kaliaga, No. 7, P.O. Box 35, Berastagi, North Sumatra - Indonesia



Retail Outlets

Mount Hermon @ West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road #01-77

West Coast Plaza

Singapore 127371

T . 6779 3770

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