Mission Trip (13 to 20 October 2011)

Gary & Nicolas teamed up to spend one week conducting and participating in 12 meetings with 1,480 attendees resulting in 740 individuals praying to receive Jesus and receiving His personal gift of Salvation.

The meetings ranged from a Parenting and Teacher's Seminar, Sermons, testimonial sharing and a radio show to Motivational presentations. A Seminar on Hygiene was attended by adults and teenagers and a simpler Hygiene Presentation was given for a kindergarten, focusing on how to wash your hands with soap and clean your teeth correctly. We conduct these type of seminars as a way to reach out to the community and help raise health and sanitary levels for all.


Two presentations focused on the motivational subject of, “Nothing is Impossible – Never Give Up” and one sermon on Sunday focused on how to handle problems and disappointments in your life centering around the verse, Romans 8:28. The Seminar on “how to educate, how to be an effective parent and how to build character in children” was a huge success with many positive responses from the attendees. One such response was, “My mother and sister were very blessed by your teaching about children. Thank you.”


At a weekly prayer meeting Nicolas shared his personal testimony followed by Gary who gave an appropriate presentation focusing on a Bible study on the subject of prayer. A shorter presentation was given at two schools: SMA Negeri 1 Berastagi and SMA Negeri 1 BarusJahe sharing personal testimonies and praying with the students who eagerly received Jesus as their personal Saviour. Gary & Nicolas did a two-hour presentation on PT. Radio Gray FM 102.4 MHz where Nicolas shared his personal testimony and why he is a missionary. Gary gave an extended Bible study on Faith based on Hebrews 11. In addition many hours were spent in personal conversations and fellowships discussing the Bible, Christian faith and other Christian-related issues.

Besides the presentations and seminars a large amount of printed material was given for free due to the generosity of sponsors. Donated educational, character building and moral values material included 100 Bibles, 12 Foundations of Faith, 290 tracts, 170 Activity books, 12 Teacher's books, 19 VCDs, 2 DVDs, 1 Early Bird Reading course, 1 Feed My Lambs, 4 Activated booklets, 1 Bible Explorers computer software Interactive CD, 1 Great Adventures Bible with accompanying dramatic audio CD for young children & 50 sets of Seminar notes (6 pages per set). We were able to give all this material due to several generous donations from friends and sponsors in Jakarta & overseas.

On Monday we took some time off and climbed the active volcano, Mt. Sibayak  (2,265 meters) to the volcanic air vents at the top & then walked back down to Desa Semangat Gunung, Raja Berneh; Kec. Merdeka.

A total of 4 ½ hours trekking!


Mount Hermon Centre

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Mount Hermon Centre is situated in a cool and serene mountainous area.

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