Mission Trip (4 to 10 August 2011) - Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from participants who attended the Single Focus Group mission trip to 4 to 10 August 2011.



"I have learned that God do not despise small things. Though we are few in numbers every ministry came out with a power pact of God's words and the move of the Holy Spirit on the people.

A fresh encounter and experience of God for both we ourselves and also the people.

The team all of us came from different denominations but yet we see when we are in the body of God, we were empower to do His works for His kingdom. Team Spirit of God's arise.

Every meeting is God divine arrangement God led us to minister to the man who had a stroke and also the daughter facing marriage problems. Prayers and assurance of God brought back to their lives again, that God loves them and God is in charge of everything.

The family union of everyone, supporting one another were amazing. Give God the Glory! One most important thing is be available to God when mission trips opportunity are there. God power releases into us and to His people. I am glad I am in the A Team of God (Gideon Spirit)."



"Team members experienced God's working through them and regain the compassion for the lost again.


"To work with the Holy Spirit and able to pray for others."


"Though the physical environment is not as good as our home country but the joy of the children. And people brings happiness to the heart."


"The messages, the preparation for the preaching were all relevant. Though last minute, God wants to change the message Ps Mark was able to discern to the change and deliver the message."


"A breakthrough of doing something that is not normal, to be set free to grow into a higher level of enjoying God's presence."


"Blessed to serve the Lord, experience those who are sick filled with joy and healing again. Food distribution were encouraging to see many came and were blessed."


"The praise and worship are filled with God's anointing and presence though we do not understand the language."


"The unity of the group is presence because God's love fill the team. I received new revelation and enjoyed the trip a lot. 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you'."

Ps Mark

"Most of the team members are first timer to the mission trip. The way each ministers indeed blesses the heart of everyone. Though some are more quiet but are able to share outwardly to a group indeed it's a breakthrough."



1)I had learned that God do not despise small things. Though we are few in

numbers every ministry came out with a power pact of God’s words and the move

of the Holy Spirit on the people.


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